Resolva - Pro Xtra Tough Weedkiller Ready to Use 3l

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Resolva Pro Xtra Tough Weedkiller Ready to Use is a systemic weedkiller. It is ideal for controlling annual and deep-rooted perennial weeds. It delivers effective and quick results even on tough weeds, so they don’t come back.

  • Kills tough weeds & roots
  • Fast systemic action
  • Visible effects in 24hrs
  • Contains Glyphosate

When to Use

  • Use from April to November, on a calm, wind free day to avoid drift to other plants and avoid rainy conditions as this will ‘wash away’ the weedkiller
  • Use when weeds are actively growing with a large leaf area to absorb the weed killer spray

Where to Use

  • For use on unwanted vegetation
  • Ideal to use on beds, borders, paths, patios, driveways, waste ground or around the base of fruit trees
  • If used on beds and borders be careful not to drift the product onto other plants and neighbouring vegetation
  • Do not use on lawns or near wanted plants unless you intend to kill them
  • Do not spray on hedge bottoms

How to Use

  • The weedkiller is absorbed by the leaves
  • Spray very lightly trying to cover as much leaf area as possible to absorb the weedkiller but avoid run-off
  • A single application should do the job!
  • Do not use on lawns unless you intend to kill the grass
  • Always read the full label and product information before use