Plantworks Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi 150g

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  • CONTAINS MYCORRHIZAL FUNGI - A naturally occurring organism, Mycorrhizal Fungi is an essential ingredient that promotes vigorous yet healthy growth in plants, even in poor soils.
  • GIVES NEW PLANTS THE BEST POSSIBLE START - Once applied your plants will begin to thrive better than before, improving plant establishment and subsequently bettering flowering and fruiting.
  • CREATES A SECOND ROOT SYSTEM - Treated plants and trees with develop a separate, more active root system. This will in turn seek out secondary sources of water and nutrients, creating more tolerant and more robust plants.
  • REQUIRES A SINGLE APPLICATION - Rootgrow only needs to be applied once, a single treatment will generally last through a plants lifetime. This applies to trees, fruit and bare-root varieties also.

One pouch will treat up to 8×2 Litre pots or a 50L pot.

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