Gardena Classic Wall-Fixed Hose Reel 60m With Hose Guide

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The Gardena Wall-Fixed Hose Reel is a high quality hose reel for storing up to 60 metres of standard 1/2" (13mm) garden hose. The hose guide allows for the hose pipe to be easily and efficiently wound and unwound without kinking or twisting of the hose pipe, and also guides the hose for even and tidy winding. 

The hose reel features an integrated carrying handle that is ergonomic to enhance comfort when transporting the hose reel around your garden. The hose reel can be mounted onto a wall or secured to corners to suit garden requirements. A stable, long life metal fixing secures the hose reel to the wall mounting to enhance stability.

An angled hose connection ensures the hose does not kink while in use, which in turn ensures that water is free flowing and not compromised.