Fertiliser - Organic Vegetable High Performance Plant Food 1.5kg

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Westland Organic Vegetable High Performance Plant Food is a nourishing feed that boosts vegetable crops. It is specially tailored to naturally support your plants health. Therefore, it gives you an abundance of healthier as well as tastier vegetables. It is ideal for feeding all types of vegetables.

  • Strengthens plants from the inside out
  • Nutrient rich feed for more abundant, tastier vegetables
  • 5 weeks slow release nutrients to produce healthy crops
  • Builds immunity for healthy crops

How to Use

When to Use

  • It’s important to use this feed before planting your vegetables to prepare the soil
  • Apply 2-3 weeks before planting to allow the fertiliser to start working (from March onwards)
  • Every 3-4 weeks after planting, check the vegetables and look out for signs of yellowing or poor growth. If this happens, apply an additional feed, work in the soil and water in.

How to Use

  • When planting in the ground, raised bed or planter: Spread 100g/sq.m of granules (approx. 2 handfuls) evenly over the bare soil
  • Work the feed evenly into the soil
  • Whilst digging or using a rake
  • When planting in a grow bag: Mix 100g of granules (approx. 2 handfuls) evenly into 60 litres of compost before putting the compost into the grow bag
  • If planting potatoes, fill the grow bag with approx. 40 litres of compost, plant the tubers and cover with 10cm of compost. When the shoots emerge, cover with more compost and continue earthing up the potatoes until the compost is 5cm from the top of the bag
  • With other vegetable plugs, fill the grow bag with 50L of compost and plant the plugs as normal

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