Resolva Lawn Weedkiller 3L

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Resolva Lawn Weedkiller Extra Ready to Use is ideal for effective control of broad leaved weeds specifically on lawns. This includes Dandelions, Daisies, White Clover, Yarrow, Buttercups, Self Heal, deadnettle and speedwell as well as broad-leaved docks in lawns.

  • Kills the weed NOT the lawn
  • For broad-leaved weeds such as clover, daisy, buttercup & dandelions
  • Kills the root
  • Unique non-drip trigger
  • Contains mecoprop-P and dicamba

      Product Details

      Size: 3L

      When to Use

      • Resolva Lawn Weedkiller Extra Ready to Use should be applied from April until the end of September
      • Use on a warm, sunny day on sufficiently developed plants
      • Avoid treatment during dry periods and when rain is expected within 24 hours
      • Do not use on new grass for 6 months after establishment
      • Treatments should not be made immediately after mowing
        For best results, apply the product at least 5 days after the last mowing and wait 7 days after application before mowing again

      Where to Use

      • Do not apply to individual weeds more than once per year and avoid multiple applications to the same area
      • Extreme care must be taken to avoid spray drift onto non-crop plants outside of the target area