Pots of Distinction - Tall Palermo Pot
Pots of Distinction - Tall Palermo Pot

Pots of Distinction - Tall Palermo Pot

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Good designs are usually simple, and this large pot is a good example of that. The straight sides have no ornamentation, and the rim around the top has been ever so subtly repeated. The resulting pot is appealing in both form, shape and size. It will look great whatever you use to plant it with, and wherever you place it in your garden.

The manufacture of large planters comes with its own set of problems. The larger the pot, the more chance there is of it collapsing under its own weight. Also, if a strong clay isn’t used, it will fracture and break in the kiln, especially at high temperatures. The potters in southern Vietnam have the skills to make the pots, and the local clay they use is very strong and will easily withstand the firing in the traditional wood burning kilns which can reach 1000-1200 degrees centigrade. At which point they become frost proof. Putting all of that together means that your pot will be tough enough to leave outside in winter.

You can of course help and protect it by placing plenty of drainage material such broken pottery or gravel in the bottom, and using a good quality compost to plant up with.

Placing the planter on some pot feet will allow air to circulate under the pot which helps to keep it dry. Remember, it’s the water that causes the damage. Of course, lifting the pot up will make it stand out too!

 Size Width Height
Small 33cm 28cm
Medium 48cm 41cm
Large 56cm 50cm
X Large 64cm 65cm

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