Noma Lights Stardust 480 Compact Lights

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NOMA 720 Multi Function Compact LED Lights, Stardust – 21.57m


Create a fuller light show and a more impactful tree with these enchanting NOMA Compact Lights, emitting a stunning antique white glow! Built with the handy easytimer™️ function, simply position these lights as you prefer, plug in and let the mains powered lights randomly twinkle and sparkle with an impressive lifetime of up to 20,000 hours. Boasting 720 LEDs each 3cm apart and offering a 21.57 metres of lit length, these beautiful compact lights are ideal for dressing 8ft to 9ft trees perfectly. With a 10m cable lead, you get the freedom you need to plug in to your nearest mains socket, without straining or having hazardous taut wires. Finished in a black colour, the cable blends in beautifully with Christmas trees and other foliage arrangements for a stylish and flamboyant display of Christmas cheer! In a sparkling stardust-yellow colour, these warming NOMA lights will perfectly compliment any Christmas theme.

These bright compact lights are suited for use beyond home interiors, making for the ideal Christmas companion to outside fences, bushes and roofs and garden features for a magical and marvellous spectacle which will contrast beautifully against the frosty night-time sky. Whichever space you’re looking to transform this festive season, the NOMA lights will fill your home and garden with a lovely festive glow. Once setup, the handy easytimer™️ function will allow these beautiful lights to illuminate for 8 hours at the same time every day, whilst an innovative memory function will recall the time at which you want your lights to switch on and your favourite setting - even after turning off at the mains socket! Highly economical, the energy-saving LEDs from NOMA are the go to choice for a fantastic Christmas tree glow, whilst respecting the environment for a planet-conscious festive season.