Miracle-Gro Fruit & Veg Feed Performance 1Kg

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Miracle-Gro® Performance Organics Fruit & Veg Granular Plant Food is a high performance 100% natural and organic granular plant food specially formulated for getting tastier produce in abundance. Glorious on plants, gentle on nature.

How to use

Using the guide measure out the recommended dose. Lightly work the granules into the soil around your plant.

After application give your plant a good drink.

Where to use

As a guide one handful of granules is 25g.

  • Sowing in soil: 25g/sqm.
  • Medium demanding veg (carrots, onions): 75-100g/sqm.
  • High demanding veg (tomato, courgette, potato): 100-125g/sqm.
  • Strawberries: apply after harvest 75g/sqm.
  • Plants in pots and containers: 5g/L.
  • Pots bigger than 10 litres: 3g/L.

Ideal for growing your own produce such as fruits and vegetables.

Perfect for use in hanging baskets, pots and containers indoor and out.

Fertiliser analysis

NPK 8-5-5.