Levington Tomorite Pour & Feed 3L + 20% Free

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Based on the No.1 Levington Tomorite formulation. Ready to use tomato food. Suitable for all fruit and vegetables. Feeds one planter (or 3 tomato plants) for one season.

Levington® Tomorite® Pour & Feed™ enriched with seaweed extract is a ready to use liquid feed for tomato plants. It encourages high yields of top quality full-flavoured tomatoes. It is also ideal for other food crops such as sweet peppers and aubergines. Easy to apply - no dilution, no hassle!

How to use

Add two capful (2 x 50ml) of Levington® Tomorite® Pour & Feed™ to the base of the plant, taking care to avoid foliage. After each feed water in.

When to apply

Feeding tomatoes should start after the first truss of fruit has set

How often to apply

Grobags (outdoor): continue to feed every week.

In the garden: continue to feed every 7-14 days.

Where to use

Recommended for feeding tomatoes and other flowering and fruiting plants growing under glass, out in the garden, in grobags or other patio containers.

Coverage Area

2.5L feeds up to 25 plants 2.5L +20% Free feeds up to 30 plants