Grow it Windowsill Propagator Set
Grow it Windowsill Propagator Set

Grow it Windowsill Propagator Set

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This Windowsill Propagator Set is a fantastic way of growing healthy plants from the comfort of your home especially if you have limited outdoor space or want to green your home. It is perfect for use with seeds and cuttings because it has individual cell inserts, therefore allowing easy plant removal. This propagator has been designed to give your young plants the best growing environment at the start of their life.

  • Ideal for seeds and cuttings, enables easy plant removal
  • Integral drip tray avoids water spillage
  • Shatterproof lid
  • Made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastics
  • Made in Great Britain

This Windowsill Propagator Set contains
1 x drip tray
5 x individual 4 cell inserts
1 x propagator lid

Sizes available

  • H 7.2cm x W 54.2cm x D 15.7cm

How to Use


  1. Fill each cell with Seed or Cutting Compost
  2. Water well with a fine rose spray
  3. Place seeds or cuttings in each cell
  4. Cover with a layer of compost
  5. For faster germination place inserts into the water tray and cover with the lid
  6. As plants grow allow ventilation by propping open one side of the lid by approximately 1cm
  7. Place in a bright position but not in direct sunlight


Never allow compost to dry out and keep moist at all times