Gardena Starter Set Flower Pots M Automatic

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The Gardena Starter Sets for Flower Pots are designed to allow you to precisely water up to 7 potted plants or up to 3 planter troughs by using adjustable drip heads, which release from 0-10 L/h. It comes with a pressure reducing master unit, which filters the water to keep it clean and ensures the system is operating at a low enough bar. The quick and easy design of the fittings and connectors guarantees easy set-up, as well as a permanently water-tight connection, plus, there is no continued dripping once the tap is turned off, saving you water.


1 Master Unit 1000
15m Connecting Pipe
1 T-Joint 13mm (1/2") 10m Supply Pipe
7 Adjustable Endline Drip Heads 0-10L/h
9 Inline Drip Heads - 2 L/h
10 Reducing T-Joint
2 End Caps 13mm (1/2")
3 End caps 4.6mm (3/16")
10 Pipe Pegs 13mm (1/2")
15 Pipe Pegs 4.6mm (3/16")
1 Cleaning Needle

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