Gardena Start Set Rows Of Plants M Automatic

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Care-free and water-saving irrigation - automatic

The GARDENA Micro-Drip-System Starter Set Planted Rows M automatic is used for the convenient and water-saving irrigation of rows of plants. The pressure-reducing Master Unit is connected to the tap with the aid of a hose. The Drip Irrigation Line is equipped with self-cleaning Drip Heads at intervals of 30 cm, and thus permits the even irrigation of hedges and shrubs. The system is automatically controlled via the GARDENA Water Computer.

Included: 1 Water Control Flex, 1 Master Unit 1000, 25 m Irrigation Line, 15 Pipe Pegs, 1 Plug

Maximum ease of use

The labyrinth technology with turbulent water flow guidance into the Drip Heads prevents them clogging up.

Flexible and easy installation

The Drip Heads, which are installed every 30 cm, and the patented “Quick & Easy” connection technology guarantee a simple and quick installation without tools and a permanently tight pipe connection.

Immediately ready to use

The GARDENA Micro-Drip-System Starter Set Planted Rows M includes components for the economic and gentle irrigation of rows of plants such as hedges and shrubs. The Set can be extended to a total of 100 m using the Extension Drip Line 25 m (13131-20).

Water-saving irrigation

The Micro-Drip-System drip irrigation results in economical irrigation aligned to requirements, without water evaporation.

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