Gardena Spray Nozzle 180º

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With the GARDENA Spray Nozzle 180° as part of the GARDENA Micro-Drip-System, a covering irrigation of beds with fine spray is possible. The range of Spray Nozzle is approx. 3 metres. An extension is possible with the Extension Pipe (Art. No. 1377-20). The range can also be adjusted using the Control Valve (Art. No. 1374-20). The Spray Nozzle reaches 180° of its surroundings.

Pack Size

Five Spray Nozzles are included.

Full coverage and fine spray
The GARDENA Spray Nozzle 180° irrigates areas with a range of 3 metres with a fine spray.

Irrigation can be adjusted using a Control Valve.

Using the Extension Pipe, the height of the Spray Nozzle can be adjusted so that even taller plants can be easily irrigated.