Apple (Malus) James Grieve 12L - MM106

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James Grieve is a well known, well flavoured early dessert apple. Red flush stripes over pale green with a creamy white, juicy, rather soft flesh. Excellent refreshing flavour and a reliable cropper. A deservedly popular apple which is grown commercially in the UK, usually as a pollinator for Cox. Can be used for eating, juicing and cooking, keeps its shape when cooked and is known to be one of the best apples to accompany a cheese board!


Raised by James Grieve in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is said to be seedling from Potts' Seedling. First recorded in 1893 and was introduced by his employers, Dickson's Nurserymen. Received Award of Merit from Royal Horticultural Society in 1897 and First Class Certificate in 1906.

Uses for this variety

  • Eating
  • Juice
  • Cooking

Fruit attributes

  • Flowering group 3
  • Self-fertile
  • Suitable for patio
  • Picking month Early September
  • Stores until October