Apple (Malus) Herefordshire Russet 12L

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Herefordshire Russet is a modern variety that is the russet with a Cox-like flavour. Fruits are deep golden amber russetted. Exceptional eating quality with a rich, aromatic flavour and a winner in ‘taste testings’ around the country. The tree is well spurred, well shaped and moderately vigorous. The fruit set is heavy with small to medium sized fruit. A genuine resemblance to Cox but much easier to grow, far less troublesome and disease resistant. A very hardy variety that can be grown succesfully in any part of the UK.


Bred by Hugh Ermen in 2002 in Kent, England.

Uses for this variety

  • Eating
  • Juice

Fruit attributes

  • Flowering group 3
  • Disease resistance 
  • Picking month Late October
  • Stores until January