Our Cafe Is Now Open from 9am - 4:30pm. Hot food is served between 9:30am - 2:30pm.
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It is with great sadness we will not be running our Christmas Grotto or events this year, thank you for all your support but after much discussion we have to keep our staff and customers safe during this unprecedented time.

Social distancing measures are in place and our priority is to ensure the safety of customers and staff alike.

No dogs except for service dogs will be permitted to enter.

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Coping with Drought Conditions

This summer whilst beautiful, is turning into one of the dryest for many years, so as a result the garden is suffering. But we can help you make the most of any water you use on the garden by following our simple water guidelines and using the most appropriate products to make life in the garden easier.

  • Water in the evening - By watering in the evening, less of your precious water will simply evaporate and the plants have all night to take up the water and hydrate fully. Try and keep water off flowers, as sunlight is magnified through water droplets and can damage delicate flowers. Evening watering minimises this problem, but it is still good practice to avoid getting water on blooms.
  • Hand Water - Take time to water by hand so your water is targeted on the areas that really need it, keeping waste to a minimum. Make watering easier by investing in good quality equipment, like Hawes watering cans, that both balance in the hand when full of water, but also give an even fine spray of water that won't flatten your flowers!
  • Mulch - We have a range of fabric and bark mulches, which will both suppress germinating weeds but insulate the soil and keep moisture contained. Mulches follow the principle of it is always damp under a stone!
  • Compost - If you are still planting baskets and pots, use one of our excellent specialist container composts. These have both a wetting agent, to make dry compost easier to hydrate, and additives to retain any applied water.
  • Leaky hosepipes - Invest in a new hosepipe and spray lance. Direct the water where it is needed with spot watering, but don't be guilty of wasting water by letting it leak away where it won't be doing any good.
  • Planting - For those really difficult dry areas, perhaps near a building or under trees, consult our plantaria staff for guidance on plants and grasses that are specialised for living in arid areas.
  • Drip Irrigation - To make life easier, consider installing drip irrigation, where plants, tubs, baskets or grow-bags constantly dry out. A steady sream of water droplets are applied over time, allowing the compost to absorb it, keep run-off to a minimum and letting plants make full use of the water. If you're going away on holiday or are just plain lazy, consider adding a timer which will turn the water on and off automatically without you lifting a finger!