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Fantastic Fuchsias!

Mrs Popple in full flower Fuchsias are versatile plants with a long flowering season that can grow successfully in a wide range of soils and situations. They can grow in containers, be part of a larger planting in a hanging basket, a garden shrub or even a hedge.

Fuchsias can be broadly split into hardy and non-hardy types. The hardy varieties contain all the smaller flowered varieties commonly seen as hedges, particularly in the West Country. They also include a few larger flowering varieties like Mrs Popple and dwarf varieties like Tom Thumb. They will survive in containers outside during the winter, however severe cold may kill their roots and thus the plant, whereas those in the ground will be fine year on year. Those left in the ground don't like water logged ground, and it is best to leave pruning until the frosts are abating towards the end of March or early April for assured success.

The non-hardy varieties can again be split into two groups, trailing and upright. The trailing varieties are commonly used in hanging baskets and other containers where the branches can hang over the edge dripping with blossom

The uprights are used as centre pieces in containers, dot plants in bedding schemes or even trained into standards.

Fuchsias are easy to keep with no real health issues providing they are kept actively growing. They benefit from plenty of water and regular feeding. The huge quantity of flower they produce requires plenty of food and drink to be spectacular!