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Seed Potato Varieties

A small selection of the varieties we have in stock.

First Earlies

Arran Pilot
An old established favourite with gardeners, for early bulking and maturity.
Flesh - white.
Tubers - long oval.
Recommended for flavour when boiling straight from garden.

Home Guard
A variety with a long pedigree and good flavour at early lifting, with uniform medium size tubers.
Flesh - creamy white.
Tubers - oval.
Good for boiling, salads and roasting.

Maris Bard
A most promising, relatively new variety which has very early bulking with moderate large tubers.
Flesh - white.
Tubers - oval.
Good for boiling, chipping and salads.

A proven variety which matures early, with numerous tubers.
Flesh - white.
Tubers - oval.
Good flavour when used for boiling and salads.

Sharpes Express
Good all round cooker with very fine flavour. Excellent on heavy soils, stores well.
Flesh - white.
Tubers - long oval.

Second Earlies

A newer variety resistant to eelworm.
Flesh - white.
Tubers - round.
Very good flavour and uniform tubers.

Maris Peer
An early bulking and maturing variety of high yields. Flesh - creamy.
Tubers - oval.
Good for boiling, roasting and salads.
This variety is moderately firm and free from disintegration and discolouration.

Pentland Javelin
This variety produces numerous tubers of uniform shape.
Flesh - white and firm.
Tubers - round to oval.
A multi-purpose potato of good cooking quality.


Kind Edward
The traditional gardeners quality potato.
Flesh - creamy white.
Tubers - long oval.
A very high quality potato for all uses, rarely discolours in cooking.

An old favourite producing medium to large tubers.
Flesh - creamy white.
Tubers - long oval.
Performs well under a wide range of climatic conditions with good keeping qualities.

Pentland Crown
Resistant to common scab.
A very high yielding variety.
Flesh - creamy white.
Tubers - round to oval.
Good for boiling and baking.

Pink Fir Apple
A very old and unusual variety.
Flesh - yellow.
Tubers - long.
Waxy flesh with an unusual flavour. Best used as a boiled potato, perhaps with a salad. Well worth trying!

An attractive red skinned variety producing high yields. Flesh - pale yellow.
Tubers - oval.
Good domestic cooking quality used for roasting, chipping and boiling.