Xmas Trees

We stock a lovely range of carefully chosen premium quality Christmas trees. They come from a sustainable Christmas tree farm where each cut is replaced by a new one.

We have four varieties to choose from. There's the more traditional Norway Spruce and then there's the Nordman fir, Fraser fir and Noble fir which all have low needle drop.

Nordman Fir

By far the most popular Christmas tree variety in the UK. It has soft, wide and flat dark green needles on tiered branches

Nordman 4' £30

Nordman 5' £45

Nordman 6' £55

Nordman 7' £75

Nordman 8'-10' £145

Nordman 10'-12' £200

Noble Fir

The beautiful Abies Nobilis (Noble Fir Christmas tree) is deep blue-green in colour, with chocolate coloured bark and subtle spicy fragrance.

Noble Fir 6' £65

Fraser Fir

Ideal for smaller space due to it's slim, conical shape. It has good needle retention similar to the Nordman and a delicious balsam scent which will fill the room for the festive season

Fraser Fir 6' £65

Norway Spruce

Considered the oldest traditional Christmas tree, it is busy and well shaped with light green needles and a lovely pine fragrance. However it must be watered regularly to keep the needle drop to a minimum

Norway Spruce cut 6' £30

Norway Spruce cut 7' £40