Xmas Trees

We stock a lovely range of carefully chosen premium quality Christmas trees. They are all sourced from sustainable Christmas tree farms where each tree cut is replaced by a new one.

Our trees are all regularly pruned to maintain the perfect Christmas tree shape. The growing tips are cut back in late summer and Autumn and any upward growing stems that compete with the leader are trimmed back. All odd shoots and any damaged shoots are also removed.

We have four varieties in stock to chose from. The Traditional Norway Spruce with its lovely pine fragrance, The Nordman fir which is by far the most popular in the Uk, the Fraser Fir ideal for smaller spaces due to its slim conical shape and the beautiful Noble Fir with blue-green foliage. The Nordman, Fraser and Noble fir are all low needle drop.

Nordman Fir

By far the most popular Christmas tree variety in the UK. It has soft, wide and flat dark green needles on tiered branches

Nordman 4' £30

Nordman 5' £45

Nordman 6' £55

Nordman 7' £75

Nordman 8'-10' £145

Nordman 10'-12' £200

Noble Fir

The beautiful Abies Nobilis (Noble Fir Christmas tree) is deep blue-green in colour, with chocolate coloured bark and subtle spicy fragrance.

Noble Fir 6' £65

Fraser Fir

Ideal for smaller space due to it's slim, conical shape. It has good needle retention similar to the Nordman and a delicious balsam scent which will fill the room for the festive season

Fraser Fir 6' £65

Norway Spruce

Considered the oldest traditional Christmas tree, it is busy and well shaped with light green needles and a lovely pine fragrance. However it must be watered regularly to keep the needle drop to a minimum

Norway Spruce cut 6' £30

Norway Spruce cut 7' £40

Potted Norway Spruce
3-ft £45M
Pot Grown Blue Spruce
3ft £30
Pot Grown Nordman
3-4ft £50

How To Look After Your Christmas Tree

Cut Christmas Trees

A Cut Christmas tree should be treated like any cut flower or plant being brought into a warm, dry atmosphere.

If you are not erecting your tree immediately, store your tree in a cool, wind sheltered spot.

Just before erecting your Christmas tree (3 hrs before), saw off the bottom one inch (2.5cm) off the trunk. This will open up the pores in the bark to allow water to be taken up by the tree. also known as Shasta Daisy.

As soon as you have cut off the bottom, stand the Christmas tree in a bucket of water. You will have to leave the tree for 3 hrs to give it a good drink.

You should also try to carry on watering your tree even when it is in your house to prolong its life. There are special Christmas tree stands available at the Sussex Country Gardener to achieve this. The 'Cinco' stand or twisted metal stands are specially designed for Christmas tree watering.

Add half a tea spoon of sugar to the tree's water as this is beneficial to the tree.

Try to place your tree in its water-holding stand away from any direct heat and avoid sudden changes in temperature

Keep the Christmas tree stand topped up with water every day. Christmas trees may drink up to 2-3 pints of water a day. It is essential to keep doing this as once the water drops below the trunk, sap will reseal the pores in the trees bark and prevent the tree from taking up any more water

Turn the tree lights off at night as the heat from the lights will also contribute to drying it out.