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Top 5 Gardening Tips for Autumn

September 17th, 2015 by Sussex Country Gardener

Summer is beginning to wind down, and as the days begin to get shorter the temperatures are starting to dip too. While this doesn’t mean that we don’t have any warm days of the year left (we can always hold out hope that summer will swing by for a goodbye wave of warmth and sunshine before it leaves us until next year), it does mean that autumn is slowly going into effect. For seasoned gardeners and those who have begun to get their thumbs green alike, this means that some work needs doing to your little patch of nature in preparation for the winter months. But don’t panic if you’re uncertain of what needs doing, we’ve put together this article of the top 5 tips for looking after your garden in autumn, for everyone else here’s a refresher.

1 Clear Up Fallen Autumn Leaves

Autumn LeavesRaking up leaves can be quite an arduous chore, but it’s an essential task if you want your lawn to look as good in the early spring months as it did in the recent summer months. Whilst you don’t need to become a leaf clearing ninja who removes every leaf before it touches the grass, you don’t want an excessive coverage of leaves over your lawn. Unfortunately leaves don’t decompose quite as quickly as we’d prefer, and they can smother the grass which will impede growth in the spring. Also keep in mind that fallen leaves make an excellent cover for ground dwelling mammals such as certain mice and moles, so you might find some unexpected holes under those leaves if you let them lay for too long. We recommend using a plastic lawn rake to remove fallen leaves, such as the Gardman plastic lawn rake that we have currently have on offer.

2 It’s Time to Plant Your Spring Bulbs

BulbsIf you’re new to gardening it might seems odd to be planting anything this late in the year, but for most bulbs it makes sense to plant them sooner rather than later. Bulbs are great for seasoned gardeners and beginners alike, as they require little effort but return great results, providing a bloom that should return year after year. Not all bulbs should be planted so soon, but flowers such as tulips are best planted in the autumn, so it’s always best to do a little research on when you should plant your bulbs, or just ask one of an experienced member of our team and they can give you some advice. To make the process that little bit easier we offer a Yeomans Bulb Planter at our Crowborough garden centre.

3 Be Sure to Prune Climbing Roses

Climbing-RosesClimbing roses can be truly beautiful if well looked after. If left unchecked climbing roses can become tangled with branches spreading far and wide with very few flowers growing, ruining their inherent aesthetic appeal. The trick to maintaining climbing roses that you’ll be proud of is to prune them in the later autumn months or in early winter at the latest to ensure that they flower well in spring through to summer. It’s important to remove dead or damaged branches during this time as the pruned stems will better flower without these superfluous ends. This is also a great time to encourage growth to go where you want it to and dissuade growth in the wrong direction. Our experienced team are happy to give you further advice on pruning techniques if you need more help, we also offer a wide range of cutting tools in the garden centre store.

4 Don’t Forget to Feed the Birds

RobinMany of us love seeing a variety of our feathered friends throughout the spring and summer months when bird song sets the perfect tone for any tranquil garden, but many of us often forget that food shortages can occur for birds that don’t migrate during the colder autumn and winter months. During these months respected nature conservation charity; the RSPB, recommend putting out fresh food and water for wild birds on a regular basis creating a routine for wild birds to follow, and if possible putting feed out twice a day in more severe weather (once in the morning and again in the early afternoon). The RSPB recommend providing high fat and energy foods in the colder months to help birds to survive. It’s important to try to meet demand with the bird food that you put out; trying to make it so that you don’t run out of food, but that you don’t allow uneaten food to accumulate and begin to rot. We offer a wide range of birdseed in store at our garden centre, if you require any advice on how and when to feed local wild birds we’re happy to help.

5 Renovate Your Old Lawn & Encourage New Grass Growth

Healthy LawnIt’s important to care for your lawn in the colder months as much as it is at the warmer times of the year. Using a product such as EverGreen’s Autumn 2 in 1 Lawn Care will help with a whole host of issues that can affect your grass during the autumn months. EverGreen Autumn 2 in 1 helps to keep your grass looking its greenest and provides control for any existing moss that can grow during autumn, it also strengthens the roots of your grass which helps your lawn to withstand the cold weather and excessive moisture and water that it will be susceptible to through the autumn and coming winter months. We recommend using products such as EverGreen Autumn 2 in 1 from September through to November for the best results, but if you want some more advice on how to care for your lawn during the colder months we have years of gardening experience at Sussex Country Gardener, and we’re happy to help you get the best results from your lawn.

Advice on Gardening from the Experts

At Sussex Country Gardener we stock a wide variety of products that have been designed to help you get the most out of your garden, and to care for the plants, flowers and wildlife that inhabit it, no matter what time of year it is. We’re always happy to provide you with help and assistance, so please feel free to stop by our Garden Centre in Crowborough, East Sussex, and we’ll do all we can to help. Alternatively you can always contact us using our online contact form or by calling us on 01892 852828.