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Top 10 Winter Gardening Tips

January 27th, 2016 by Sussex Country Gardener

Top 10 Winter Gardening Tips
While we’ve had only a glimpse of snow, winter is truly in effect, and while the rain hammers down making it feel closer to autumn than a frosty January, there are still a number of important gardening tips that you should keep in mind for the colder winter months to ensure that you garden looks its best when the sun starts to shine again.

10. Care for Plants and Flowers

Dead Flower Head
Many flowers and plants around your garden have likely long since lost their summer and autumn bloom, and it’s important to remove any dead heads from these plants. In the event that we see another flurry of snow (which with the weather being as erratic as it is isn’t out of the question) be sure to clear snow from delicate branches and plants to save them from breaking under the weight.

9. Protect Your Vegetables

Winter Vegetable Garden
While you don’t need to join the garden gnome in guarding your vegetable garden, it makes sense to take some precautions in the event that temperatures drop again. Root vegetables such as parsnips and carrots can be covered with around 15cm (around 6 inches) of straw or leaves to keep them safe. In the event of heavy snowfall covering your root vegetables with an old piece of carpet can serve as great protection.

8. Add to Your Compost Heap

Compost Bin
While you may have already cleared your garden following the autumn, if you still have a lot of compostable materials around your garden it doesn’t hurt to get them together in a heap, as they’ll compost just fine throughout the winter. Consider getting a compost bin for tidier composting.

7. Look Out For Winter Animals

Winter Squirrel
This winter has been quite odd with many animals that would normally be in hibernation by now still roaming around, although possibly a little disorientated by the warmer climate. Putting out fat blocks and other foods will help out your local wildlife, as well as encourage them to keep coming back to your garden throughout the year.

6. Pay Attention to Your Lawn

Winter Lawn
Many people can forget about their lawn in the colder months, which is understandable as it doesn’t require the same level of attention that it does throughout the spring and summer, which is almost the right kind of advice. Ensuring that a few “keep off the grass” signs are in place will give your lawn a chance of surviving the winter and give it a better start in the spring.

5. Give Your Garden Tools a Clean

Old Garden Tools
Winter is the perfect time to gather up all of your gardening tools and give them a thorough clean, removing all of the dirt and rust that they may have accumulated throughout the busier spring and summer, getting them ready for the upcoming warmer months.

4. Stay Indoors and Have a Tidy

Old Garden Shed
It might be miserable outside, so why not spend some time in your garden shed and reorganise your tools and gardening equipment, or if you’re feeling particularly energetic have a clear out and a thorough clean so that everything is ready for when the weather gets a bit better.

3. Check Your Fences, Trellises and Gates

Garden Fence
The winter can take a heavy toll on the various structures that you have in place around your garden, with cold temperatures, high winds and an excess of moisture, so it’s a good idea to have a check around your garden every once in a while throughout the winter to make sure that everything is okay. While it’s not the best time of year to mend a garden gate or put up a trellis or other such garden paraphernalia, in some instances it can be best to put a temporary fix in place so that your plants and flowers don’t get flattened by a fallen fence.

2. Dress for the Weather

SCG Garden Clothing
While you might have your summer garden wardrobe ready and waiting to go, it’s important to remember to dress for the weather when doing winter garden jobs. Make sure to wear plenty of layers, and of course water proof clothing in the event of snow and rain. The last thing that anyone wants is to get sick due to cold and wet clothes, so make sure that you stay safe.

1. Come to our Café for a Rest

SCG Gardeners Café
The spring is a fantastic time for the garden with everything in bloom, and the summer is great time to take the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour, but when the winter comes we’re all entitled to take a break, let that green thumb return to a more human colour and have a rest. At Sussex Country Gardener we have the perfect remedy for the weary gardener and serve a selection of warming hot drinks and delicious meals in our café which is open throughout the year, so escape the cold and join us for a relaxing chill out.

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