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Tips For Keeping Your Garden Watered During Summer

July 20th, 2016 by Sussex Country Gardener

We all know that during the hot summer months our gardens need a little extra water to keep them ticking over. The problem is that hose pipe bans can make this important task very difficult, especially as the demand for water increases. The simplest solution is, of course, to just unravel the host and indiscriminately spray your garden with fresh cool water, but there are much more efficient ways of keeping your garden watered without creating all that additional waste.

Those who need it most

You might think that the water should just be applied fair and square across all plants, but this isn’t the case. You can prioritise your water supplies quite easily by giving those that need it the most the lion-share. Think about your new plants that haven’t yet established a deep root system, they can’t get to the water as easily, shallow rooted plants and young vegetables that draw water from the top soil. If you are growing vegetables such as pease and beans, and water rich fruit like tomatoes, then give them that little bit more, as this relates directly to yield.

Feed the roots

A really good trick is to feed a pipe into the ground on individual large plants and trees, this way you can feed the water direct to the roots. This will help save water as you can much more effectively control how much water is being used, and use what you feel the plant requires.

Dry compost

If you’ve ever tried to make dry compost wet, you’ll notice a lot of the water runs off before it gets a chance to soak. A very simple trick is to place a good few ice cubes on top the dry compost to get the process started slowly. This is particularly useful with hanging baskets as the water can have a tendency to drain away very quickly.

Don’t use a hose

Using a hose is a surefire way to waste water. Quite often when you turn on a hose water sprays in an uncontrolled manner before you hit the right target, and then it pumps out significant volumes that will mostly go to waste. This is party why hose pipe bans exist, it just isn’t the most efficient way to utilise water. A good old fashioned watering can solves this, especially if it has a long spout. Now you can target those plants with precision and control.

 Rows of plants

If you have a row of plants as is quite common in gardens, you might like to think about employing one of our favourite tricks. If you take an old piece of gutter and drill holes into it at regular intervals you could use it to feed your plants water directly and in a more controlled manner.

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